...what she did today felt more along the lines of
sending the river through the Aegean stables -there was a huge emotional release and the whole place feels lighter. Christie M.

Rita Morgin  


I work with your whole environment to support your body and your work. My clearings are customized to each land and your needs.  Services I provide to heal your land may include

 spiritual ecology  Why the land?  I provide ecotherapy to care for the spaces on this world that hold and care for you.  Why have a land cleansing or healing instead of working solely with humans?  Imagine the land is your heaven sent family member who has been working nonstop to provide for you.  Well, the land is burning out and needs healing, too!  Especially in these times of strife, pollution and destruction, we need to care for us all humans, land and animals.  How will caring for the land help me?  I consider the land my sacred family.  When the land has been cleansed, healed and helped (as I am here to provide), then it can work for the benefit of those who reside on it much more effectively than before.  The land will hold safe space infusing your life with more joy, calm, peace and prosperity.

 I would recommend Rita’s services to anyone needing more lightness, happiness, and joy in their homes and land.

Deb Hanneman

I work with land and spaces to create an environment that assists you. Do you feel like there are some energies you would like to clear in your home or office? Your land or space can support you more fully in your calling. Would you like to enhance beneficial energies? I work with the energies of your whole environment by clearing and energizing your land and living spaces to support you and your work.  Would you like greater access to the light and energy available to boost your gifts and your spirit team? Allow me to connect your land or space to the light grid, energize the connection between heaven and earth, and/or dedicate your space as a Sacred Gathering Place of Love and Light!

I am a catalyst and door opener

Remote Scans and Land Clearings

Energizing Lands and Spaces, People and Places


Spirit Earth Ministries

re-igniting our connections 


                between the land and the people


                                 between heaven and earth


                                                     clearing and energizing the land

                                                                        in person and with remote viewing


Rita Morgin  creates beautiful Meditation Stones, Prayer Sticks, Dragon Guarded Fairy Doors and Golden Mirror Prayer Paintings to enhance your life.


Magical Garden Art

Rita Morgin offers a free 10 minute land scan to discover what your land can do to enhance your life. To discover what your land needs Contact

Limited Time Grand Opening Special:
Experience amazing progress with scanning the land of your home or office to support you and your life. Explore the benefits of lighting up, clearing and energizing the land's light grid! Are you interested in dedicating your land as a Sacred Gathering Place? Or can you imagine yourself learning how to clear and maintain the light grid I activate for you? Is there some area of your life that would benefit from a personalized prayer?
Special combo offer: a personal chakra scan, channeled prayer and land scan with me: A session with both of these scans is only
$197 (regularly $500 for a single land scan session). The session will take approximately 45 minutes and includes one 30 minute follow up session 1-2 weeks after our initial scan.
If you are interested in purchasing this blessing for only $197, or if you have any questions about what else a land clearing might entail, please contact me, Rita Morgin, press the contact button to email me at ritadragon79@gmail.com.