Rita Morgin offers a free 10 minute land scan to discover what your land can do to enhance your life. Please look at my services for fees and description or Contact  me here.

Magical Garden Art

Rita Morgin  creates beautiful Meditation Stones, Prayer Sticks, Dragon Guarded Fairy Doors and Golden Mirror Prayer Paintings to enhance your life.


Rita recently did a land clearing for a property I am moving from and a property I am moving to. I would recommend Rita’s services to anyone needing more lightness, happiness, and joy in their homes and land.

Deb Hanneman

Chakra Land Clearings

Energizing Lands and Spaces,

People and Places

...what she did today felt more along the lines of
sending the river through the Aegean stables -there was a huge emotional release and the whole place feels lighter. Christie M.

Rita Morgin  

   re-igniting our connections 


   between the land and the people  by clearing and energizing the land


   and bringing the perfect blend of heaven on earth

   for yourself and your space


   in person and with remote viewing

I work with land and spaces to create an environment that assists you.

    Are you moving, buying or selling property? Make sure your land can support your transitions!

    Does your property seem slow in selling? Give it a clearing and notice the shift in offers for the property.

    Do you feel like there are some energies you would like to clear in your home or office? Your land or space can support you more fully in your calling.

    Would you like to enhance beneficial energies? I work with the energies of your whole environment by clearing and energizing your land and living spaces to support you and your work. 

    Would you like greater access to the light and energy available to boost your gifts and your spirit team? Allow me to clear your land and energize the connection between heaven and earth.

    Perhaps you would like to dedicate your space as a Sacred Gathering Place of Love and Light!

    I invite you to create ease in your spaces and contact me.


Since working with Rita and practicing the steps, I've noticed a real difference in the quality of time I spend going to work and while there. This clearing process has felt both supportive and transformative for me."
"Rita has a gift for healing places. With her attunement, creativity, and intuition, Rita focused on my workplace, a bustling urban library. I hoped for an increase in the harmony and quality of nurturance that was possible at this site. She tailored practices for the beginning and end of my work days, as well as rituals for my journey to and from the site.  To help to maintain the improved state, she recorded a personalized ritual blessing. Amy


I work with your whole environment to support your body and your work. My clearings are customized to each land and your needs.  Services I provide to heal your land may include

I am a transformational catalyst and door opener assisting your connection to the flow of life

'When Rita offered to do a land scan for me, I had no idea what to expect. I was intrigued when she told me that she sensed that there were three pieces of land involved. Her scan was most revealing - not only did she pinpoint exactly which part of my grounds I needed to clear to make the whole property take on a completely different and much more positive feel, since her landscan I have found myself sleeping much better and deeper.

Lesley- business mentor- Scotland

Spirit Earth Ministries