Rita Morgin 

Spirit Earth Ministries

About Me:


My name is Rita Morgin and I can help you engage the guardians of your land to heal past trauma and clear old energies so you can experience a return to joy and realize your true mission.

 In my youth I was a magical garden fairy child singing to the trees, making mud pie potions and talking to plants to make them grow and be happy. I became a gardener and was the biggest green thumb anyone had seen. My plants always grew with great vigor. And when I didn’t want certain weeds or pests to take over, I asked them to go elsewhere, and they would!

 Then 27 years ago, I put aside my magical self for a while when I became a professional caregiver and nanny. I focused on helping my clients and forgot about my own balance and harmony because I thought their needs were greater than mine.

 Five years ago I started noticing the effects of adrenal fatigue before my bloodwork came back positive. This was a big wake up call for me, and I gave up those jobs that were draining my life to begin a process of creatively coming back to spirit.

 Through creating magical garden art that open doors to love, light and care for myself and others, I rediscovered my friends I had abandoned those years ago, the guardians of the land.

 What the guardians told me was that they’ve been waiting, waiting for me to ask for their help in returning my body and my life back to balance. They reminded me that they reside all all the spaces of life, land, home, work, even online spaces like websites, and that they want to partner with me and others to create greater balance, harmony and joy.

 As I worked with my guardians, I noticed that I could help others to connect with and engage the guardians of their land and spaces to achieve the great results.

….like the librarian who changed the atmosphere in her library to be nurturing for children rather than abusive and conflict ridden.  

...or the landlords and realtors who had vacant properties and were able to lease or sell quickly after land clearing.

...or the woman who had experienced anxiety and headaches after moving to a new apartment, but who went back to balance after we cleared her entire apartment complex…

My education:

B.A. in Biology
Level 1 Energy Scan Certification
Level 1 certification Moto-Ki Association Registration Number 18081204

 I have studied several energy techniques with books and courses including Feng Shui with Megan Montero and Deb Regan, chakra scanning, remote viewing and Angel guidance with Darren Linton, EFT (tapping), meditation via yoga and qi gong and ecstatic dance.

I ended up creating my own modality for the places where none of these techniques served all of my unique being or my physical limitations. And then I discovered Compassion Key (Edward Manix), EASE (Benjamin Berstein) and Moto-Ki; three beautiful techniques that accepted me being perfect just where I am at, thus allowing me to move, grow and expand with greater ease. Moto-Ki is the first technique that I have encountered which blends well with my self created Land Healing modality.

Level 1 certification Moto-Ki Association Registration Number 18081204.

How did I come to specialize in properties slow to sell?  One of the first clearings I did was for a person whose home was also a business office. Two of the offices in that building had been vacant for three years. Those two office spaces were rented within 2 days of my clearing and energizing that building.

Then in January 2017, my mother died and we needed to put her house up for sale. My sister got permission to sell the property in late April, we had a buyer right away. but it just wasn't moving forward; he wouldn't come in to sign the paperwork. I did a clearing on the property to find the perfect buyer AND the next day my sister called me to say we had a new buyer for much more that the first buyer who wasn't signing the papers.  I ran a second clearing to get the paperwork completed quickly AND lo and behold... the property was sold in a week. Everything finalized. I ran another clearing so that the court process and dispersal of funds will go smoothly. Welcome to the world of real estate. I am now called to align the spirit of the land with the perfect buyer so that a joyous and harmonious environment may serve all parties. Blessings to the lands I am called to serve.








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