As a transformational catalyst and door opener, I work with land and spaces to create an environment that assists you.  My mission is to dedicate sacred gathering places on this earth and energize the land for more harmonious living. Is your land a sacred gathering place? Would you like to find out what this means for you?
    Are you moving, buying or selling property? Clearing and energizing the land can support your transitions! 
    Does your property seem slow in selling? Give it a clearing and notice the shift in offers for the property. 
    Do you feel like there are some energies you would like to clear in your home or office? Your land or space can support you more fully in your calling. 
    Would you like to enhance beneficial energies? I work with the energies of your whole environment by clearing and energizing your land and living spaces to support you and your work.  
    Would you like greater access to the light and energy available to boost your gifts and your spirit team? Allow me to clear your land and energize the connection between heaven and earth. 
    Perhaps you would like to dedicate your space as a Sacred Gathering Place of Love and Light! 
    I invite you to contact me.

About Me: How did I start doing something so strange you ask?

         It all became a conscious work on July 1, 2016.  I was Morris dancing in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

As I stepped into a decrepit park, I sensed a hundred thousand dead  facing me, saying forcefully: "We're coming home with you!!!!"

         I said, "No the hell you're not! You're staying here until I contact you." 

I proceeded to pick up a little bit of dirt from the other end of the park and I got out of there quick.

        When I came home, a friend who is good at holding space for doing spiritual things told me that they came to me,  and I had all that was needed to take care of them.  I am a door opener and I already had the door for processing the dead: it's a door I called the Summer Lands Recharging Station. My friend held space while I did something I so did not want to do (blessings and thanks to such good friends). She held space while I opened the door and proceeded to let the dead go through into light, love, care. 

        I noticed, at the end of that session, that there was still a light on the land that wasn't dead and I didn't know what it was.  "It was the spirit of land and it belongs here," is the message I received. 

        I shut up everything: closed the door, said my goodbyes and figured everything was done, thinking,

"Hooray! I don't have to do this again!" Not so....

         Well, the land came to me that night and asked me to light up the light grid and reconnect it to all of the other sacred gathering places. I felt the connections throughout the universe expanding and brightening. I was swimming in something so much bigger than I allowed myself to be.

        The land told me that it had not been able to be connected to the network of Sacred Gathering Places while it was holding the dead, and this is where it needed my help.

        And so, this is how I started cleansing, energizing and dedicating sacred gathering places thereby reconnecting these lands to all the other sacred gathering places in the universe. 

How did I come to specialize in properties slow to sell?  One of the first clearings I did was for a person whose home was also a business office. Two of the offices in that building had been vacant for three years. Those two office spaces were rented within 2 days of my clearing and energizing that building.

Then in January 2017, my mother died and we needed to put her house up for sale. My sister got permission to sell the property in late April, we had a buyer right away. but it just wasn't moving forward; he wouldn't come in to sign the paperwork. I did a clearing on the property to find the perfect buyer AND the next day my sister called me to say we had a new buyer for much more that the first buyer who wasn't signing the papers.  I ran a second clearing to get the paperwork completed quickly AND lo and behold... the property was sold in a week. Everything finalized. I ran another clearing so that the court process and dispersal of funds will go smoothly. Welcome to the world of real estate. I am now called to align the spirit of the land with the perfect buyer so that a joyous and harmonious environment may serve all parties. Blessings to the lands I am called to serve.








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Rita Morgin 

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