Custom painted Mirror prayers.

I paint prayers in mirror writing. A gift my grandma taught me to take my prayers to both worlds ... heaven on earth...the light and the shadow.. the conscious and the unconscious. What golden dreams do you care to pray for?

Divination Stones:You can choose 4 meditation stones to form a quick double check of divine assurance.. The stones come with a flyer describing how to use the rocks to access your intuition.

My ancestor divination set has 2 nurture (support) symbols, one of self love (what goes around comes around or as above so below) and one of cell regeneration (healing).

My Matronae divination set has 4 spindles to spin abundance from the wyrd of possibilities.

Meditation Stones

My painted rocks are doors to: "Forgiveness", "Self love", "Nurture", "Spinning Magic of the Matronae", "The Crossroads Chording",

Rita Morgin

Prayer Sticks: My tree friends offer great advice when I trim their branches:

Lemon offers: "Clear Vision All Paths". 

Rose offers "Love and Laughter" to smooth out life's thorns.

Pyracantha offers: "One thing at a time with all your Heart" or I will scratch you and draw blood...


My dear friend Maple offers "Rest, Replenish, Renew"  Maples are lovely creatures: they know when to rest; they know how to leaf out quickly after appropriate rest; and they know how to self prune what no longer serves (a message I have been learning to understand for quite a while).

These sticks are painted (or burned, or carved) in Ogam with the gifted message of my tree friends.

Meditation stone: the divine gently holds my light as I heal.

Dragon Guarded Fairy Doors:

I create magical fairy doors from my garden plant friends:

   "Thyme heals all wounds"  is made with parsley sage rosemary and thyme.

   "Lion Gate" was created just one week before I learned about the Lion's Gate Portal last year. Ha! Ha! My life has many coincidences like this.

   "Lemon Clarity" is named because lemons clear in so many ways...

   "Blue Mist" Covered in blue flowers with Love in a Mist (Nigella) seeds swirling around the door. The seeds connecting all the flowers in a swirl of blue mist fairy magic.

Magical Garden Art
Hello and welcome to the storefront of Spirit Earth Ministries. All of our items are made in sacred space for the blessing and benefit of all. Most of our materials are either grown or gathered at our homestead, or gathered from our wanderings through places with which we have sacred tended relationships. We honor the relationships we have with one another, the gods and spirits, the land, the materials used in each offering, the spirit of the offering itself, and with you! Thank you for being curious enough to find out who we are and what we do!