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Landlord Support


This is the story of the landlord who rented out two office spaces within 72 hours of my first land clearing.

One of my earliest land clearings happened to be in a large building that included home and office space. It was in an area that had a lot of rental vacancies. I did a land clearing for this energy healer. She already understood energy work and had been working on the old energies left by former occupants of the land. We cleared the energy, did some peacemaking with those Energies and the land spirits. Then we brought in the support of the land spirits. This session took about an hour of listening to the needs of the space.

The next day the first office space was rented: a woman came looking at the office space. She had the ideal qualifications. After 48 Hours the second empty office space was rented. Before the clearing on this land the landlord was having trouble finding qualified tenants and ended up with empty offices for 3 years.

 Former tenants often leave behind energy imprints that repel good tenants. If a land has experienced long-term vacancy or the depressing energy of people losing their office, their place to live, or their business, these tragedies are often imprinted in the space and need to be cleared so that other people can Thrive the same space. It behooves you to help the space align to your energy and your mission by clearing former tenant debris energetically, just like you would paint a room to better reflect you.  You clear Energy, bring in the energies that do reflect your dreams of the space, and harmonize the energies to be at peace with the spirit of the space. Voila! Magic happens...

Moving Anxiety


Moving anxiety. This is the story about a woman who moved to a new state into a new apartment and was experiencing headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain with lots of fear and anxiety. She thought it was just all the physical effort of the move. She was worried that it may have been a bad move, that the visible mold in the apartment maybe irreparable, and she was feeling lots of paranoia and isolation. Initially I was doing a energy healing session for the headache, but what I soon realized was the headache wasn't even hers; it was the leftover fear and anxiety of the former tenant in the building. I paused the energy healing session and started a land clearing on the whole apartment complex caring for the feeling of isolation, the anger and the fear. I was literally feeling the fear for one's life especially in the kitchen and the entryway walls. As I'm clearing the energetic debris in the walls of the apartment space, her headache was quickly dissipating. After clearing the energy in the apartment, I was able to give an Earth Energy healing session for her body. Now that she was clear of the oppressive environment, she was able to receive healing, calm and peace. The following day she was able to go out and meet her neighbors and begin to create that community that she hadn't felt in that isolation during the first two weeks after moving.

When moving into a new location it is good to clear your energy out of the place you're leaving and reclaim it for yourself. Before you move into a new place, please clear the energy of the former occupants and send blessings to all of the former inhabitants of the land that they may find the love and light and care that they need. My free guide 12 ways to engage the Guardians of your space for balance Harmony and joy has suggestions on how to do that yourself.

Librarian Creates Nurturing environment
Librarian creates nurturing environment. One of my clients was a librarian who was Finding abusive people and conflict ridden situations in a busy Urban Library. She came to me frustrated at how to create a more nurturing environment for the children she cared so much about. We spoke for a few minutes reguarding the negativity in the environment, and then we spoke about what a nurturing environment would entail. I called in Archangel Michael to clean and clear all the energy that was preventing creating that nurturing environment. I brought in Quan Yin and Mother Mary energies to create a nurturing atmosphere for the children so that they could learn and be nurtured. The library was treated as a sanctuary and a safe haven for these children, who sometimes do not have anywhere else to go.
As the energy was flowing, the librarian said, "I want to do this clearing everyday. I want to be able to do something so that I know that it is happening every day". She needed something tangible to help her understand that this was actually happening... that this energy was actually being brought in to nurture the library and every person who used it each day. She created a simple  drawing that I energized for daily clearing. Each morning when she got to work,she drew the symbol and each evening before she left so that (if she was not at work) the energy clearing had already been done for the following day.
Miracles started happening right away. The new manager of the library turned out to be a very nurturing and loving person and helped create this nurturing environment. The negative coworker was offered another better position away from children. This served their abilities better and helped create that nurturing environment. The librarian was also able to use this clearing on the commute to and from work and stated that the commute had become also much calmer and peaceful. This is the sort of situation that land healing can service dramatically. Sometimes you don't even realize the impact that negativity has on an environment. Being willing to explore what heaven on Earth is to you and being willing to look at what your ideal situation would look like, offers the opportunity to co-create with the energies of the space. The spirits of the land are often willing to help create that ideal situation.

March 2018
Healing Haiku

One of the paintings that inspires my work is of the raging ocean after the storm: the waves are choppy and tumultuous, yet the light shines through the clouds with the blessing of hope. This is the energy I bring to the land clearings. I assist bringing the light in after the storm and often during the storm.


These Healing Haiku are meditations to ponder and absorb for personal healing:

Gold light surrounds me
Like warm honey bathing me
Joy fills my body.

Rain washes away
All that no longer serves me
I am wholly me.

I am free to be
Joyously breathing in me
Calmly in myself

Rain celebrations
My heart and soul are singing
Dancing with the rain.

Amazing magic
Infusing my Days with light
Joy Filling my heart.

In my calm center
After the raging darkness
A calm joyous peace.

Pearls of wisdom
Guard the opal gateway to
Your transformation