Rita Morgin       

Spirit Earth Ministries


What to expect? An initial session with me typically runs 45 minutes and includes a 30 minute follow-up 1-2 weeks later to check on the stability of the connections. While often only a single session is needed, the land and everything on the land (home, office, spirits and people) can benefit from an energy maintenance upgrade about every 2 weeks. I can record your call so that you can go back to the recording and clear your space anytime you feel the need; simply press play and the clearing will repeat.

I work with your whole environment to support your body, your life, your work... My clearing and energizing of the land is customized to each land and your specific needs.  In each step of the process, during the land work (which can run 30 minutes to 1.5 hours), I let you know what the land is requesting of me and I ask for your permission to do as the land requests. I do this step by step as each process arises. At the beginning of the session, I explain that at times I might go quiet because I'm "tapping into" the land. So, it's okay to sit quietly during that time think of how you feel about your land/space and what you are looking to change in your life.

Some of the services or processes I might provide in a land clearing are: 

-Creating symbols for you to use in connecting with your space. One client drew a boat to run the clearing each time she went to work. She also used this symbol to call on the clearing as she commuted to work; she commented that her commute was so much easier and calmer.

-Bringing doors of love and light onto the land to care for confused or lost spirits/energies. After the clearing, these doors are closed and taken where they can best serve the highest good.

-Calling in heavenly powers to sweep clean the energetic debris, such as afterimages dark energies left behind.

-Connecting the land to Earth Mother and Universe/Heaven energies, blending them to the correct harmony for your space. Would you like your perfect blend of heaven on earth to support your living?

-Connecting the land to the universal light grid and energizing this connection with love and light.

-Dedicating your space as a Sacred Gathering Place of Love and Light. This includes the networking connection to other Dedicated Sacred Gathering Places throughout the universe offering you extra support of love and light energies to draw on in your work.

-Establishing energies or grids on your land as they choose to work with you on a more permanent basis. Such requests have included a double triangle healing grid on the floor of an apartment, a request of a fae people to join the land as it was placed on the light grid, and a request to allow Jesus to work with energies on the north end of a property.

-Mediating contracts between the land and the people for a stronger bond of support. Such requests have included tokens of appreciation requested by the land such as a poem written  to the land, a prayer, blessing, or a trinket to be buried in the land and an energetic bird bath as a memento for a land that had been sold.

-I might give your land my calling card if I feel that it has urgent need of me.

-I might be requested to teach you how to maintain, activate and clear the energy grid during our follow-up appointment- if this interests you- or we could discuss a maintenance package to keep you space in optimal condition to support your life.

-Maintenance often includes the next energy upgrade the land is ready to receive.